Daily News Roundup – 26 June 2014

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Grieving couple hail work of South Yorkshire hospice

The Star

One year on from the death of their two-year-old granddaughter Lexie Harrison, who suffered a rare metabolic disorder, Paul and Tracy Norton are being helped to come to terms with their grief thanks to the support of Bluebell Wood Hospice.

Bury Hospice opens Japanese-style peace garden

This is Lancashire

A peaceful  Japanese garden was opened at Bury Hospice this week.

Nine year-old uncovers unique fundraising idea

Hereford Times

Nine year-old Freya Smart is encouraging people to search under the sofa for loose change which could be donated to St Michael’s Hospice.

Dying to know…

EAPC blog

Joanna Beveridge, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy in Edinburgh, writes about her master class that aims to get occupational therapy students more aware and involved with issues around death and dying.

The government is still failing its ageing population

The Guardian

More than a year after a powerful report warned that the UK was “woefully underprepared” for the consequences of its ageing population, there are few signs that the scale and urgency of the challenge have been truly understood.

Three European courts grapple with end-of-life dilemmas


Three European courts stepped carefully around delicate end-of-life issues on Wednesday, with one rejecting assisted suicide, another delaying it and a third acquitting a doctor from charges he murdered dying patients.

Britons lose right-to-die case but campaigners see progress


A paralysed car crash victim and the widow of a man who had locked-in syndrome lost a legal bid at Britain’s highest court on Wednesday for the right to assisted suicide – but some of the judges signalled parliament should now tackle the issue.

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