Daily News Roundup – 28 July 2014

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Myton’s Warwick hospice opens new accommodation for families

Kenilworth Weekly News

Myton Hospice in Warwick has opened new accommodation for patients’ relatives.

Lancashire cancer worker and fire chief awarded

Lancashire Telegraph

Margaret O’Donoghue, a founder of St Catherine’s Hospice and the creator of Preston’s Cancer Help charity, has been made an Honorary Fellow at the University of Central Lancashire.

Children’s hospice seeking new boss as chief Geoff retires

Leicester Mercury

The Rainbows children’s hospice Chief Executive Geoff Ellis is retiring after six years in post.

Calls for “lifeline” hospice day centre to be saved

Clacton Gazeete

Colchester-based St Helena Hospice is looking at changes to the way it delivers services, after a review found its day centres were not helping as many people as they could.

The Marie Curie Quality Account – measuring the impact and quality of our patient experience

Marie Curie blog

Every year, the impact and quality of Marie Curie services are closely examined in an important statutory report that is available on our website.

LGBT retirement home: the end of the rainbow

The Observer

Europe’s first LGBT retirement home, a modest 80s apartment block in Stockholm, gives gay people a friendly place in which to grow old.

Home Burials: Keeping A Loved One Close

Sky News

Although the idea might make some squeamish, more people are choosing to bury their family members in their back gardens.

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