Daily News Roundup – 3 February 2016

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Blackburn lottery winner to donate winnings to charity – after buying himself a new overcoat…

Lancashire Evening Telegraph

An 83-year-old man who won more than £7,000 in East Lancashire Hospice lottery says he will give the majority of his winnings back to charities and his only treat will be a new overcoat.

Top designer Jasper Conran pledges support for Julia’s House

Gazette & Herald
Designer Jasper Conran OBE has become a patron of Julia’s House, the Dorset and Wiltshire children’s hospice charity.

Skyping at my grandmother’s deathbed

BBC News

What’s it like to be at someone’s deathbed – by Skype? Lee Kumutat, who’s blind, discovered an unexpected comfort when she was faced with the death of a loved one half a world away.

Four in 10 hospitals told to improve care for the dying

The Guardian
Data from the CQC reveals end of life care falls below expected standards at 74 NHS hospitals in England, including seven rated as inadequate.

A&E confessions: The dignity of a planned death – video

The Guardian
Most of the deaths Dr Chris Odedun, an emergency medicine registrar, has to deal with are ‘hectic, hot and smelly’. But here he tells of helping an elderly patient with cancer experience a peaceful death surrounded by people she loved.

At my father’s bedside, I learned what death looks like

The Guardian
NHS end of life and palliative care must focus more on the dying person’s needs and wishes – but for that we need to have proper conversations.

Wogan, Bowie and the art of the good death

The Times (subscription needed)
Our obsession with the right to die has made us forget the greater importance of how to die, surrounded by loved ones.

Accountable charities

The Times – letters
“The assertion by Dan Hodges that most charities rely too heavily on public funding does not apply to Britain’s hospices,” writes Lord Howard of Lympne, Chairman of Hospice UK.

From across ehospice editions:

25 out of 29 national drug control strategies do not measure access to medications

ICPCN responds to the Zika virus and the role of children’s palliative care

APCA publishes special 10-year annual report edition

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