Daily News Roundup – 4 February 2016

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Ulverston hospice left almost £100,000 by a former Furness teacher who died in Australia

North West Evening Mail
St Mary’s Hospice has been left almost £100,000 by a former Furness teacher who died in a crash in Australia.

Overgate Hospice to feature in new Happy Valley series

Halifax Courier
Overgate Hospice will feature in pivotal scenes in the much-anticipated second series of Happy Valley.

Independent investigation at troubled Bury Hospice will review the way the charity has been run

Manchester Evening News
An independent panel is to be set up to carry out a review of the way Bury Hospice has been run.

Compassionate communities: how changing attitudes toward death can effect how we live

The Irish News
A Derry-based project is challenging communities to take a proactive approach to supporting people nearing the ends of their lives.

This is not Casualty – in real life CPR is brutal and usually fails

The Guardian
Only 3% of over-80s survive CPR and 1.9% of secondary cancer patients. It’s time we doctors stopped meddling and let such patients die with dignity.

Meet the death doulas: the women who stay by your side to the end

The Guardian
They are not medical experts, but they work alongside NHS staff in hospices or the community to help patients take control over their final days.

Cancer deaths fall 10 per cent in a decade – but alcohol fuels rise in liver cases

The Telegraph
On World Cancer Day, UK figures show a 10% fall in cancer deaths in a decade – but types of disease which can be fuelled by lifestyle factors have seen a sharp increase.

Care for bereaved parents ‘must improve’

BBC News
Bereavement services for families whose babies are stillborn or die shortly after birth are “not good enough”, a government health minister has said.

From across ehospice editions:

INCB call for “indispensable” controlled medications to be “adequately available and not unduly restricted”

United Nations Secretary-General’s high-level panel on access to medicines call for contributions

No admission for cancer patients! A reflection on end of life care in India

(Re)theorizing integrated knowledge translation: a heuristic for knowledge-as-action

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