Daily News Roundup – 5 January 2016

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Care of the dying adult: a time for hope

The Lancet
The Care of the dying adult guideline could be criticised as simply repackaging the LCP with changed emphasis on individualised care instead of the proforma, one-size-fits-all approach. But there is something very hopeful about this new guideline.

If you make one new year’s resolution this year: Make it to talk about death

Huffington Post
Our understanding of death changes as we grow, writes Naomi Barrow. As a child we’re fairly open about it. We have grand ideas of our loved ones (normally pets or worms) going to a ‘happy place’ or going on ‘holiday’.

Family donates medical equipment as thanks for Widnes mum’s end of life care

Liverpool Echo
A family have donated medical equipment to an NHS trust as thanks for the end of life care provided to a Widnes woman.

Pantomime stars make surprise visit to hospice patients

Yellow Advertiser
Patients at Fair Havens Hospice had a lovely surprise when local pantomime stars Lesley Joseph and Brian Conley dropped in for an unexpected visit.

Children’s Hospice South West celebrates 25th anniversary

BBC News
A charity which provides hospice care for children across south-west England is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Advance care planning in oncology in Europe

EAPC blog
Judith Rietjens, Ida Korfage and Agnes van der Heide, on behalf of the ACTION consortium, explain the background to their European study that aims to support people with end-stage cancer to discuss end of life wishes.

From across ehospice editions:

Informative webinar on the management of refractory pain

Hospice payment reform changes began January 1

Senator Coons visits Delaware Hospice

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