Doorstep fundraising ’most annoying’

Categories: Community Engagement.

The survey of 1,031 British adults found that 51% of people are ‘very annoyed’ by doorstep fundraising and 50% felt the same about telephone fundraising; 29% are irritated by text messages and 22% are unhappy with receiving emails.

While a third of the people surveyed get very annoyed being approached on the street by a fundraiser, a third are happy to be asked to donate to collection tins.

More than a third (38%) of people feel they get too many appeals or newsletters from the charities they support.

Joe Saxton, nfpSynergy’s driver of ideas, said: “The big issue for the fundraising community is whether it wants to take action to reduce the level of annoyance that fundraising causes. The balancing act is between fundraisers’ ‘right to ask’, and the public’s ‘right to say no’, not just to each request but to being asked in the first place.”

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