Face the Future at the Hospice UK/Institute of Fundraising Conference 2017

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The fourth joint conference organised by Hospice UK and the Institute of Fundraising will take place in January with two venues; London and Crewe.

So what is on the agenda for conference? The day will start with an exploration of the perfect fundraising equation of culture, leadership and tactics that has led to significant income growth for Hospiscare, Exeter.

You may have already received your invoice from the Fundraising Preference Service so apart from an extra bill to pay what does this really mean a year on from the initial proposals? Daniel Fluskey of the Institute, Jo Davies of donorflex and Hannah Lyons of BWB will provide a common sense guide to life in the new fundraising world.

Do your fundraisers just ask for money or tell the story of what that donation can do? This is the question posed by Lucy Gower of Lucidity and supported by Esther Preston of Ashgate Hospice who has changed the way they are talking to donors with significant results.

For adult hospices, legacies have been the cornerstone of income generation. Children’s hospices for the first time in 2015 received a greater proportion of their income from legacies than adult hospices.

Hear from two non hospice organisations (London) about their approach to legacy marketing, one as a relatively new entrant into the market. In Crewe, listen to this and a view from a Pauline Harvey- Jones, Commercial Director at Farleigh Hospice. Pauline previously worked for big national charities and will discuss the advantages local hospices have in the legacy market and how they should maximise them.

If I was to ask if any Fundraising Directors or CEO’s had a problem the conference could extend to days if not weeks. However, we are taking that risk in a session chaired by Steven Pidgeon. Come prepared to share your issues and support your colleagues.

Collaboration is the in word but what is it and how hard is it to get a group of hospices to work together? One person who knows is Stephanie Smith of St Barnabus House and Chestnut Tree House who has got 15 hospices to work on the ‘Big Night In’ campaign. Hear the highs, and the lows of working together.

Finally, are hospices geared up for the future? What happens when we are a truly cashless society? Sue Ryder Care has been working on projects to address that problem and share their learning  

So what are you waiting for? To book your space please book London or Crewe and join other Fundraising Directors, Trustees and CEO’s to explore and discover the future of hospice fundraising.  

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