From pocket money to patient care

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L-R: Sarah Mitchell (Day Services Manager), Myley (Orla’s sister), Susan Savage (Day Service Assistant), Orla’s Grandpa, Michelle Anderson (Day Services Assistant and Orla’s Mum) and Orla Irvine. 

Seven-year-old Orla Irvine has raised a heart-warming £145 for St. Vincent’s Hospice in Renfrewshire, Scotland, by using her own pocket money.

Orla used her pocket money to buy prizes and presents for a raffle for the hospice. Her mum, Michelle Anderson, who also works as a Day Service Assistant at St. Vincent’s, said:

“Orla decided she wanted the money to go to the Day Hospice, not only because of my job, but because her Grandpa goes there on a Monday to help with his condition.

“She took her own money, bought the prizes, organised the raffle and sold the tickets herself – and at Christmas time, when a lot of kids are probably thinking about what they’re getting from Santa – she raised £145 for a good cause.”

The money will go to the Day Hospice Service, which gives people the opportunity to visit once a week to receive support for a variety of reasons, including symptom control, exercise and wellbeing sessions, as well as offering invaluable peer support.

Michelle added:

“Orla and her sister Myley came in to drop in the money and meet some of the patients and staff. Everyone was so impressed and couldn’t believe a seven-year-old had done all this. I am so proud of her!”

For more information visit St. Vincent’s Hospice

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