Fundraising Leaders Conference: Moving with the times

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The Hospice UK Fundraising Leaders Conference will take place on Tuesday 13th June 2023 at the Coram Centre, London.

Fundraising leaders will get the opportunity to connect with peers across the UK to consider the future of hospice income generation, and navigate important strategic challenges.

Complex strategic challenges facing hospice fundraising leaders

Hospice fundraising leaders are negotiating a range of complex strategic challenges, including:

  • Recruiting, retaining and leading their workforce
  • Hybrid working and the challenge of building and maintaining relationships
  • Seeking new ways of raising and sustaining income
  • The cost of living crisis affecting communities’ capacity to support their local hospice
  • Increased pressure on hospices to meet the needs of an aging population and the associated increased cost of service provision

All this at the same time as providing leadership and focusing on their own professional development and resilience.

That’s why Hospice UK continues to hold an annual conference specifically for hospice fundraising leaders.

Delegates talking at the conference

What to expect

This one-day event is a chance for you to:

– Consider the bigger challenges and develop your strategic thinking

– Connect with other fundraising leaders to network and learn from the experience and expertise of others working in this field

– Spark creative thinking to find new ways of generating income

– Help you think about donor retention in new ways – and create stewardship experiences that meet consumer expectations

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Delegates chatting at the Hospice UK conference

Sessions and topics

Throughout the day, there will be useful and insightful sessions for you to learn from, on topics including:

– Collaborations and mergers

– The future of income generation

– Digital fundraising

– Commercial income generation

Download the draft programme

Hospice UK conference tables 2021

Key information

Date: Tuesday 13th June

Time: 09.30 – 17.00 (main programme)

Venue: The Coram Centre, 41 Brunswick Square, London, WC1N 1AZ

Price: £150 + VAT

There are limited places available – early booking is advised.

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This specialist, one-day conference is essential for all Hospice Fundraising Leaders. 

Booking is only open to member hospices or those working at not-for-profit organisations. Anyone from a commercial organisation who wishes to attend should contact Paula Sowa.

The Innovation in Income Generation Award

We’re making an exciting change to this year’s Fundraising Leaders Conference! The Innovation in Income Generation Award will be awarded on 13th June at the Fundraising Leaders Conference, rather than the Hospice UK National Conference in November.

We’re looking forward to celebrating the innovative ideas and achievements of hospice fundraisers amongst peers and colleagues who understand the unique challenges that hospice fundraising can bring.

Applications for this award are now closed.


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