Hospice launches Arctic survival challenge to raise funds

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Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes has launched the toughest fundraiser of its history, which will see supporters sleeping in the arctic wilderness with only basic shelter that they must build themselves.

The Arctic Survival Challenge will take place 150 km south of the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden, regarded as one of the most remote and most beautiful places on the planet. The first part of the challenge is about adjusting to life in the cold, learning crucial survival skills and discovering how to build shelters.

The second half will see the adventurers leaving the comfort of their log cabin and working as part of a team to build different types of shelter: a Scandinavian tent, a natural shelter made from branches and foliage and a snow hole called a quinzee before spending three nights in the wilderness.

The intrepid fundraisers will also take part in cross-country skiing, husky sledding and snowmobiling.

Dawn Clark, Challenges Fundraiser, said: “We like to make our challenges bigger and better each year, and this is certainly that! It will be an amazing achievement for everyone taking part, but most importantly, the money raised will make a huge different to the local patients and families in our care, each of whom are battling with their own challenges.”

The Arctic Survival Challenge will take place in March 2021. For more information visit Willen Hospice

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