Hospice launches fundraising campaign to train local carers

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St Christopher’s Hospice in London has launched a campaign to raise £200,000 to fit out a training centre to support people caring for a loved one nearing the end of their life at home.

The specialised education centre, called the Skills Lab, will be a space where people in South East London can learn practical skills, with the aim of making caring for someone at home less stressful, and for good care to be more readily available.

Over the next twenty years it is expected that the number of people looking after a loved one at home will increase to over 9 million, but despite wanting to many carers feel they do not have the knowledge or confidence to do this well. The training sessions will offer coaching and support to families and carers, to build the skills and confidence they need to give essential care at home.

Liz Bryan, Director of Education and Training at St Christopher’s Hospice, commented:

“When we care for someone, we see them as an individual but also that they belong to social networks such as friends, family and community groups, who often want to play their part in looking after someone at the end of life but do not always know how.

“Our new Skills Lab will give local people the confidence that they can provide straight-forward care for their loved ones. We will focus on sharing skills such as how to wash and feed someone safely, and how to recognise and manage common symptoms at home. This means that with our support, many more dying people can choose to remain at home, where they feel comfortable and safe, for as long as possible. It is all about living life well, even at the end of life.”

The £200,000 goal will fit out the Skills Lab with equipment and fund training sessions for members of the public for the first time, not just professionals involved in end of life care.

The money raised will also furnish a community space so local groups can host meetings, students can study, and members of the public can pop in for coffee.

For more information visit St Christopher’s Hospice – Learning Hub Campaign

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