Hospice nurses need support to get care right for a dying person

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In the article, Marie highlights the day-to-day struggles that hospice nurses are faced with. In particular, she notes that nurses often face “the darker side of dying and loss,” bearing the brunt of the distress and anxiety suffered by patients and families.

The Commission into the Future of Hospice Care also recognised this fact and emphasised that the welfare of clinical staff should be a key priority in providing high-quality care.

To this end, Hospice UK and the Point of Care Foundation have jointly launched ‘Resilience: A framework supporting hospice staff to flourish in stressful times’. This resource provides guidance for hospice staff to become more resilient and leave them better able to deal with stress.

Marie says that this guidance is a sustainable way to help hospice staff continue to display their incredible strength when facing challenging situations. It is hoped that leaders in hospice care will implement the systems that have been recommended in the work. 

The report was launched on Monday 16 March, with Dr Ros Taylor, national director for hospice care at Hospice UK, chairing the event, which also featured presentations from: Dame Barbara Monroe, formerly chief executive of St Christopher’s Hospice; Jessica Pryce-Jones, CEO of iOpener and author of Happiness at work; and Dr Jocelyn Cornwell, chief executive of The Point of Care Foundation.

The resource can be downloaded from the Hospice UK website. And you can read Marie’s article on The Guardian website.

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