Hospice to raise funds by sending bosses to “jail”

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KEMP Hospice in Kidderminster have come up with a highly original way to raise money – encouraging local employees to nominate their bosses to be locked up for a day.

Lock Up Your Boss will see errant bosses held in “jail” until they have raised enough bail money to donate to the charity.

Head of Fundraising Cathy Sloan explains how it works:

“This is a great way for workers across the Wyre Forest to get their own back on their boss and to do some great fundraising at the same time. Once a boss has been nominated to take part we work with them on selecting their preferred “jail day” where we come along to their workplace, publically read out a list of the boss’s misdemeanours and then lock them up.

“We have received nominations already for bosses who spend too much time on the golf course, for never buying a round in the pub, for making staff meetings go on too long or simply for working too hard! Once we “arrest” the boss we will bring them back to KEMP Hospice in Kidderminster and lock them up in our special jail. There, armed with just a phone and a laptop they will have to get in touch with their friends, family, colleagues and contacts to try and raise their bail money which is a donation to the work of KEMP Hospice.”

Will Copley, Managing Director of telecommunications company Armstrong Bell will be one of the first ‘bosses’ to go behind bars for charity, and explained why he was happy to be locked up:

“I am thrilled to support KEMP Hospice in a fun and engaging way that highlights the wonderful work they do for the local community – plus it is about time I was punished for my heinous crimes.”

For more information visit KEMP Hospice

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