How your Christmas shopping can help to fund hospice and palliative care

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We first interviewed the charity Care2Save when they had just one product on offer, but following an impressive expansion, the charity is now offering more than 130 different retail outlets on their website. ehospice caught up with Care2Save to find out more …

Could you explain how people can use Care2Save and what the benefits are?

Care2Save is a new charity using ethical purchasing to generate income for other charities across the UK. People can buy products and services they need, at no extra cost, whilst nominating a charity to receive 80% of the commission earned by Care2Save. The remaining 20% goes to the Care2Save Charitable Trust which is dedicated to the support of hospices and palliative care providers.

All people need to do is log onto, register and nominate their favourite charity to receive commission. They can then link through to their favourite websites and buy the things they want. Because they have shopped through Care2Save anything they buy will generate a commission that will be donated to their nominated charity.

What is the average commission raised per individual purchase?

This differs depending on the product that the consumer buys and the outlet they buy it from. Some insurance products and broadband products have seen commission of up to £100 per sale, however the average is currently running at just under £10.

How many different outlets can people buy from on Care2Save?

At the moment there are over 130 different outlets that people can buy from through Care2Save. This number is however increasing all the time and by early next year we fully expect to have over 1,000 outlets available through Care2Save.

What sort of products can people buy?

People can buy a whole range of different products from lots of different outlets. Some of the more well-known brands include BT, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Boots and Waitrose, to name but a few. But as well as buying products from high street names, people can also book flights, hotels and train tickets through Care2Save. They can buy insurance, change their broadband provider and even change their energy provider and remember anything they buy generates money for their favourite charity.

What is proving the most popular product?

This time of year it seems to be pens, stationery, books and fragrances – the sort of things you would expect to see given as Christmas presents. Care2Save is a great way to do your Christmas shopping. You can buy all of your presents in one place and at the same time make a donation to your favourite charity which actually doesn’t cost you anything extra to do.

How can hospices get involved and benefit from Care2Save?

Each hospice needs to encourage its supporters and the local community to sign up to Care2Save and nominate their hospice as the charity they wish to receive commission. That way, when they shop online through Care2Save, 80% of the commission that Care2Save receives will go to their hospice.

When are you planning to distribute the first grants within palliative care? And to whom?

As Care2Save is a new charity, there are obviously no funds available at the moment for disbursement. Our Board of Trustees have however already appointed a disbursement committee who will be responsible for the disbursement process. That committee will take advice from both UK and global expert advisory panels, on which there will be outside representation and which will help advise where funds should be directed. As soon as we have funds available the disbursement process will begin.

You can read more about Care2Save and how the innovative charity idea became a reality on ehospice , or visit the Care2Save website to sign up and choose your charity.

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