In-Memory Insight for hospices invites new members

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We work with a learning circle of fundraisers to collect hard evidence to inform in-memory marketing strategies and convince senior management of the value of in-memory giving.

For the past two years we have teamed up with Hospice UK to offer local hospices reduced membership fees. We do this in recognition of hospices’ vital importance to in-memory giving, as well as their smaller scale.

To date, 13 hospices have taken part in the programme; this year we are aiming to grow the group significantly.

The programme offers member hospices a range of benefits, not least:

  • hard facts on the size and shape of in-memory giving
  • a better understanding of what in-memory donors feel, think and do
  • the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with fellow hospices and leading national charities
  • detailed benchmarking data on a named charity basis.

Our research has proved that in-memory is a significant motivation for engaging with charities – whether by giving money, participating in events, volunteering or leaving a legacy.

Not surprisingly, hospices are the most popular type of charity supported, accounting for over a fifth of all in-memory giving.

The reason for giving to hospices is clear: both to say thank you for the support received and to help other families going through a similar ordeal.

The trigger to give is often very personal, linked to a favourite member of staff or a particular programme which helped in their loved one’s last few months. 

Wakefield Hospice joined the programme in 2014 in search of evidence and insight to inform their new in-memory strategy. Over the past 18 months the findings have been used in staff recruitment, new product development and marketing materials.

Helen Knowles, director of fundraising and retail operations at Wakefield Hospice, explains: “The research has encouraged us to go back to our hospice and re-evaluate our own offer – we now have a clear direction moving forward.”

Knowing how to talk to patients and their families about such a sensitive subject can also be hard. Helen says: “In-Memory Insight has given us confidence when communicating with our supporters, helping us to get our messages and tone right.”

Princess Alice Hospice joined the programme last year as part of a fundamental review of its fundraising approach. Director of fundraising and communications Nigel Seymour says: “It’s a fantastic way of getting useful insight on a key income stream at a fraction of the cost of doing it alone.

“The desk and focus group research was excellent and the insight from the other leaning circle members more than paid back the investment we made.”

In-Memory Insight is a rolling research programme, with each year building on the one before. The theme for 2016/17 is the use of social media and digital marketing in in-memory fundraising.

Further information about Hospice UK’s partnership with Legacy Foresight is available on the Hospice UK website or you contact Meg Abdy, director of Legacy Foresight, by email at

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