LOROS Hospice pioneer remembering loved ones in space

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With Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson competing in their own billionaire space race this summer, the cosmos is rarely out of the news.

Now LOROS Hospice is developing the space theme with a ground-breaking first, launching messages into space. It’s a novel new way to honour the memory of loved ones who are no longer with us, says the Hospice.

Charlotte Graham, Fundraising Coordinator at LOROS, said:

“We wanted to offer people a really different way to honour their loved ones. It’s been a very difficult year for people, none more so than for those who have lost a loved one and couldn’t come together with friends and family to grieve as they normally would.

Launching a message up into space to your granddad, telling them how much you miss them, together with a favourite photo, and watching it up amongst the stars, is a truly beautiful way to honour their memory.”

Working with experts Sent into Space, LOROS will float messages and pictures into near space, where they will be released amongst the stars, in this one-off opportunity to remember and celebrate someone special.

All equipment used in launching your message is recovered after the flight to keep the environmental impact to an absolute minimum. Messages will eventually naturally dissolve into the atmosphere too, causing no pollution.

Sue Steel, whose dad died at LOROS, said: “When you look up to the stars and know that special someone is looking down at you and you can still feel their love. Although my Dad is gone, he’s still with me, shining brightly and keeping me safe.”

The launch will be captured on video so families can watch as their messages’ journey from lift off to release into the stratosphere.

Visit https://loros.co.uk/events/2021/07/19/message-to-the-stars  to sign up

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