Marie Curie launches easy read booklets for people with learning difficulties

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People with a learning difficulty can face particular challenges if they or someone close to them need palliative and end of life care. There is a risk they may experience poorer quality care because their specific needs are not always understood or fully considered, and that they may find it difficult to cope with events like death and grief.

They may also not be experienced in making their own choices, so end of life planning could be a slower process. In cases like these, it is particularly important to make sure that people have access to information they can understand to help with these decisions

The new series covers two main themes: ‘Living with an illness that you will probably die from’, and ‘Caring for someone with an illness they will probably die from’. Both have booklets addressing issues like how to remain comfortable and happy, work and money.  

The booklets use clear, non-technical language presented alongside pictures.  They are available online and can also be ordered in hard copy format.

Professor Bill Noble, Executive Medical Director at Marie Curie, said:

“For most people, talking about death and dying is difficult.  There is a lot of information to digest and everyone has the right to information in the form that suits their needs. “

“The more open we are about death and dying, the more time people have to discuss their needs and concerns.  Having access to straightforward information that enables jargon-free conversations could benefit anyone struggling to come to turns with a terminal illness.”

“It is important to remember that someone who has a learning difficulty will make better informed decisions about their care and treatment, if explanations they need come in the correct form.”

To download the booklets visit Marie Curie’s easy read booklets

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