More needs to be done for people dying with a urological cancer

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The report, published by the National End of Life Care Intelligence Network, highlights how end of life care for patients with urological cancers is challenging because of variations in presentation, prognosis, complications and treatment.

As well as the 16,000 urological cancer deaths each year, a further 5,000 deaths have a urological cancer as a contributory cause. Urological cancers include penile, prostate, testicular, kidney, renal pelvis and ureter, and bladder cancers.

The report is the first to look at differences in where people die, depending on the type of urological cancer they have and other factors such as age, sex and deprivation, as associated costs. 

Variation in hospital activity and costs between urological cancers is to some extent due to inherent variation in complications and the profile of people dying from these cancers. However, in all cases emergency admissions are longer and more costly.

‘Deaths from urological cancers in England, 2001–10’ can be download from the National End of Life Care Intelligence Network website.

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