MP says hospices need more state funding

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He said that if the hospice movement was to collapse it would have a major financial impact on healthcare.

“The mixture of voluntary effort and state funding is (the hospice movement’s) great strength but I do feel there should be more financial support from the NHS,” Sir Bob Russell said.

“St Helena Hospice relies very much on voluntary fundraising.”

The MP has been a supporter of Colchester’s local hospice, St Helena Hospice, from its very inception, being part of the steering group. And the involvement is in the family, with his mother having been a volunteer before then being cared for in the hospice.

Sir Bob Russell said the hospice is all about helping people to enjoy a quality life as well as helping them have a peaceful end.

He said St Helena Hospice is the largest voluntary organisation in Colchester  with more than 800 volunteers, and that it brings together medical professionals, the charity sector and volunteers. 

“St Helena Hospice is very much a success story. Colchester has exported good practice in the hospice world,” he said.

“Everyone regards St Helena Hospice as something we can be proud of. The whole of north Essex looks upon St Helena as theirs. 

“What is nice about the hopsice is you’ve got this contrast of very nice old farmhouse … then you go through into what is clearly a modern medical centre. It provides assurance that is a warm friendly place and then the reassurance of medical excellence.”

During Hospice Care Week next week, the Liberal Democrat MP plans to attend an event conducted by his local hospice. At an empty shop in Colchester, St Helena is hosting an art exhibition composed of various artwork from staff and patients – a great example of how the hospice comes into the town, according to Sir Bob Russell.

Various MPs will be involved in Hospice Care Week activities. Keep your eye on ehospice for more stories during the week.

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