New guidance to aid trustee decision making

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It’s your decision – guidance on decision making for charity trustees aims to provide principles that trustees can follow when managing risk and making key decisions that affect the charity’s beneficiaries, assets or activities.

It also gives details about circumstances when the Commission might get involved if trustees cannot agree.

The Commission is requesting feedback on the draft guidance from trustees, charity advisors and other regulators, and this will be reflected in the final guidance due at the end of the year.

Jane Hobson, head of policy at the Commission, said: “This is the first time we have produced guidance that focuses specifically on trustee decision making. We are therefore keen to make sure this new tool is of practical use for trustees – and helps them understand how to use their discretion in running their charity.”

The draft guidance has been published as a webpage, and further information can be found on the Charity Commission website

The consultation period will end 30 March 2013.

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