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APM launches new service evaluation to support your revalidation

The Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland is facilitating a series of audits/service evaluations to provide members with data to support appraisals and commissioning of services.

Liverpool Care Pathway

The European Journal of Palliative Care has published three articles discussing the Liverpool Care Pathway this month, looking at its history, the recent controversy surrounding the pathway and an international perspective.

Heart disease plan for Wales

Together for health: a heart disease delivery plan‘ aims to reduce preventable heart disease and ensure that those affected by it have timely access to high quality services. 

Adult social care choice framework

The Department of Health has published a social care choice framework, setting out the choices people are able to make in relation to their care and support, where people can access further information and how to complain if they are not offered choice.

Guide to the Healthcare System in England

A guide from the Department of Health explains organisations in the healthcare system and how they work together, and includes the Statement of NHS Accountability.

Delayed discharge

According to Age UK people waiting to be transferred from hospital to a care home wait on average 30.3 days and those waiting for a social care package to be put together in their own home are also having to wait 27 days on average.

Sector compact consultation 

Adult social care employers and workers are being asked to feed into an online consultation on the future shape of the sector compact by 12 June 2013. The compact will incorporate an employer agreement and an employee agreement, giving clarity to employers and employees about what is expected of them.

New guidelines on charity shops’ gift aid

The HMRC has published guidelines outlining the new gift aid claiming process for charity shops, including template letters and examples.

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