NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service supports Sue Ryder

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Sue Ryder is amongst the first healthcare providers in England to use the recently launched NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service to meet the new official cleaning standard.  The NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service has completed bespoke training for Sue Ryder cleaning staff and follow-up audits of its premises.

The charity, which runs hospices and specialist neurological care centres across the country brought in the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service in order to ensure that staff, patients and visitors feel reassured with the extra layer of cleaning protocols in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service trained the hospice and neurological care centre staff  in ‘Cleaning the NHS Way’, the first ever programme for domestic cleaning to be accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.

The training programme is delivered by NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service founders, NTH Solutions, an NHS wholly-owned facilities management company and subsidiary of North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust. NTH Solutions worked in partnership with their infrastructure delivery partner Tutum Health to provide the service to Sue Ryder.

On top of training, each hospice and neurological care centre was audited by the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service, and offered additional guidance and assurance on cleaning protocols, as well as certification for all cleaning staff in attendance.

Ian Peri,  Head of Health, Safety, Estates and Environment, who managed the roll out of the service across Sue Ryder, said: 

“The service we have received from NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service has been exceptional.   

“Receiving accredited training  and on site support for our staff from the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service has gone a long way in ensuring that sense of security for both our staff and our patients.”

Mike Worden, Managing Director of the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service, said:

 “When our Service was developed a year ago, our aim was to bring confidence to our community colleagues, so that they could feel safer in their environments. We started very locally, just education trusts and local businesses, to help people deal with the pandemic. Cleaning is such a fundamental step in protecting ourselves against diseases and we had a lot of knowledge at our disposal to help the people around us. We also wanted to take off pressure from our local hospital in Stockton  as it managed a growing number of Covid patients. We then began to expand our service and provide support on a wider geographic scale, and a year later, it’s incredible that we’re helping to protect communities and vulnerable people all over the country.

“Partnerships such as this one with Sue Ryder provide the public with all of the experience and expertise in the NHS standard of cleanliness, as well as the reassurance we were giving to the doctors and patients at the height of the first wave in our hospital that it was a covid safe environment. Improving our public cleaning is key not only for coming out of the pandemic, but for reducing the risk of another pandemic in the future.”


About NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service  

The NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service was established to support organisations and businesses across England with a range of solutions designed to help control and prevent the spread of infection.

The mission of the Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service is to reduce the number of hospital admissions in England from bacterial and viral diseases (including COVID-19), promoting an official protocol for cleaning and hygiene in a variety of public spaces, including retail spaces, office blocks, schools, hospitals, prisons, commercial kitchens, and restaurants.

Working with trained delivery partners on a national scale, the Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service provides organisations, facilities management companies, and local authorities with a protocol for cleaning public spaces to an elevated standard; known as ‘The NHS Way’. Training in this protocol is Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) accredited, and as such, the only standard against which domestic cleaning can be measured and audited against.

Businesses and organisations using the Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service get a service delivered in line with the protocol, which offers deep cleaning and bio decontamination, outbreak response, RSPH-accredited cleaning training, auditing and advice on cleaning protocols.

Profits generated by the service are a reinvestment back into NHS Trusts for improving frontline patient care and treatment.

The NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service is provided by NTH Solutions, a wholly owned NHS company. The service was rolled out on a national scale in 2021.

For more information visit: https://deepcleaning.nhs.uk/


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