Non-medical prescribing in end of life care

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Non-medical prescribing (NMP) in end of life care – overcoming the barriers from theory to implementation

The development of non-medical prescribing (NMP) has enabled suitably trained health professionals to enhance their roles and use their skills and competencies to improve patient care in a range of care settings. Its purpose is to:

  • improve patient care without compromising patient safety
  • make it easier and quicker for patients to have their symptoms addressed
  • contribute to the introduction of more flexible team working in the face of increasing caseloads and constrained resources

In spite of these benefits there remains huge variability in the provision of NMP due, in part, to barriers to its implementation. This workshop  will outline how St Gemma’s Hospice and Sue Ryder Wheatfields introduced NMP and how they addressed such barriers.

The workshop will:

  • dispel myths about NMP’s efficacy and perceived risks
  • offer guidance on the preparation needed to introduce non-medical prescribing in your locality   
  • share strategies to overcome barriers to its introduction amongst trustees, commissioners and health care professionals
  • offer ‘top tips’ for engaging your medical colleagues
  • present evidence of the impact of non-medical prescribing on patients, families and health care professionals

Speakers and facilitators:

  • Andrew McEwan, Leeds University;
  • Professor Mike Bennett, Dr Lucy Ziegler, Cath Miller, St Gemma’s Hospice;    
  • Catherine Malia,  Advanced Nurse Practitioner (IPU); Julie Marshall, Non- medical Prescriber (community-based)     
  • Dr Emma Anderson, GP; Dr Jason Ward, Community Palliative Care Consultant
  • Sue Hogston, Sue Ryder Wheatfield    

Who should attend?

  • clinical leaders – including registered managers and those who head community teams – or chief executives who would like to introduce non-medical prescribing
  • non-medical prescribers who wish to expand and develop their practice
  • those who wish to understand more about the benefits of non-medical prescribing in end of life care.          

Date & time: 14 October 2015, 10.00am to 4.00pm (registration 9.30am)

Venue: St Gemma’s Hospice, Leeds 

Price: £110 plus VAT (Total £132)

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