Powerful patient relationships at Hospice UK’s annual conference #HUKconf16

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Partnerships, relationships and team-working are a key part of hospice and palliative care.

So, on the first afternoon of our conference, I would like to invite you to the ‘Powerful Patient Relationships’ session to explore and share the real world of relationships.

The objective of the session is to provoke thinking about different types of patient partnerships and relationships and to hear from people who have approached it in a number of ways.

We will hear about the impact of different types of relationships – with communities, organisations and individuals. From different ways to receive feedback about care or complaints, to engaging in strategic/operational partnerships and relationships with communities, patients and their families – what does this have to offer hospice and palliative care?

We have an exceptional panel:

  • Ann Lee, from St Margaret’s Hospice, Somerset, will share her thoughts and experiences about how the Fit for Future consultation will shape provision of care for people in Somerset, and ways to work with the network – from GPs and hospitals through to paramedics, providers of homecare facilities and carers.
  • David Gilbert, the first patient director in the NHS, for Sussex Musculoskeletal Partnership (Central), will provoke us to explore the potential that patient leadership has to offer care. What do we really mean in thought, word and deed about patient power and influence in healthcare and patient partnerships? You can find out more about David’s view on his blog.
  • James Munro, chief executive and chief technology officer at Patient Opinion, will tell us about the philosophy and practice behind Patient Opinion. How does the Patient Opinion feedback and dialogue differ to complaints and could it offer a different and productive way to develop and sustain conversations for quality care.

So whether you are experienced in patient and services relationships or just interested in the topic – join us on the afternoon of Wednesday 16 November. We look forward to seeing you there.

Hospice UK’s annual conference, People, Partnerships and Potential, is being held in Liverpool from 16 to 18 November 2016. Information about the conference, including how to register to attend, can be found on Hospice UK’s website.

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