St. Joseph’s Hospice rated ‘good’ by CQC

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St. Joseph’s Hospice in Merseyside has received a ‘good’ ranking from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The CQC carried out an unannounced, three-day inspection in August, when they found the hospice to be “effective, caring, responsive and well-led”. The hospice has now jumped up two ratings in just one year, and has “systematically improved in quality and performance”.

Inspectors also praised the hospice and its senior management team for sustaining the improvements seen at its previous inspection in December last year, and noted that it has “continued to improve how medicines are given and recorded”.

They found that staff “cared for their patients with compassion” and “provided emotional support to patients and their relatives to minimise their distress”. Patients and relatives also confirmed that the “staff treat them well and with kindness” and that “the staff involved patients and those close to them in decisions about their care and treatment”.

Hospice managers at all levels were also highly commended, with the inspectors finding they have the “right skills and abilities to run a high-quality, sustainable service” and that they “promoted a positive culture that supported and valued staff”.

Staff told inspectors that they believed the culture to be “open and transparent” with “positive relationships between staff and managers”.

Inspectors found the hospice to be responsive in that it “plans and provides services in a way that meets the needs of local people” and that it “takes account of people’s individual needs” with care plans that are “comprehensive and person-centred”.

Mike Parr, Chief Executive of St. Joseph’s Hospice, said:

“I have never been in any doubt that St. Joseph’s Hospice is a good hospice and the majority of our patients and families would agree with that. However, it is wonderful and really important that the CQC has also recognised this.

“We have built a fantastic team here and I am very proud of everyone who works at the hospice as this is a result of everyone’s hard work and dedication over the last two years. We should all feel incredibly privileged to work here.

“This rating comes at a brilliant time, just as we are looking to expand and develop the services that we offer. We cover a very large geographical area and we want to reach out and support more people who would benefit from high quality end of life care and support services.

“We would like to thank all our patients, families and supporters who have stood by us over the last year. We quite simply could not have achieved this without all of them.”

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