St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth celebrates its 40th anniversary

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On 25 January 2022, it will be St Luke’s 40th anniversary. A whole 40 years since we welcomed our first patients.

Our charity heralded the arrival of a completely new concept for the city – specialist care for terminally ill people as in-patients in a home-from-home environment, rather than in hospital, to ensure their comfort and dignity at the end of their lives.

From this, grew the St Luke’s of today, looking after the majority of patients at home and at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, with only those with the most complex symptoms needing admission to Turnchapel.

What has not changed since St Luke’s beginnings though, is our need to rely on our community’s support to keep providing our specialist services at no cost to our patients. That’s why, as well as reflecting on four decades of compassionate care, we are using our 40th anniversary to express heartfelt thanks to all our supporters for their volunteering, fundraising and donations.

Quite simply, we would never have come into existence – let alone still be helping local families four decades on – without the unstinting support we receive from the community around us.” – Chief Executive, Steve Statham





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