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Have you ever experienced the magic of massage, the wonders of reflexology, or the joy of aromatherapy? Every day, our fabulous complementary therapists – many of them volunteers – provide a range of therapies to care for people who are facing the hardest of times. These wonderful therapies help to soothe the mind, relax the body and lift the spirits.

When Sally was facing the most difficult days as a primary carer for her dad, she received reflexology from our team. She said: “It was like a breath of fresh air, some time out. I walked out as if I was walking on clouds! I felt really refreshed, ready to go back and be with my dad in a completely different state of mind. It’s the best thing I’ve had in years.”

Watch Sally’s video here: “I was walking on clouds”
I’m struck every day by how much we need touch therapy, by what a powerful experience this can be, and by the transformation I see in the patients afterwards. It makes me feel good about what I do and I’d like to thank you for playing a part in this too by supporting the hospice.

Julie Milton, Complementary Therapy Team Leader
Rowcroft Hospice

Rowcroft Hospice Complimentary Therapy

Republished with permission from Rowcroft Hospice.

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