Why I volunteer: “To add skills to my CV”

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Amy began volunteering at the hospice for personal reasons. She explains:

“I was very close to my great aunt who died at the Inpatient Unit on Nettleham Road, and I wanted to give something back to such a wonderful local charity.”

Amy is working towards her Master’s degree in Drama Therapy, which looks at ways of using drama techniques in a therapeutic environment. This means that as well as volunteering for St Barnabas and working in Business Support for Lincolnshire County Council, Amy also runs drama sessions for children with Down’s Syndrome.

Of her future aims, she says:

“I would love to finish my Master’s degree and get a full time job with St Barnabas if the right role came up. As well as that, it would be great if I could find the time to learn hand massage as part of my volunteer role.”

“The support I have received so far from St Barnabas has been overwhelming. They offer me the opportunity to learn new skills, I am made to feel as much a part of the team as paid staff are, and everyone is so friendly.”

When asked about a special memory of her time at the hospice, Amy remembers helping the husband of a lady who had come into the Day Therapy Centre for the first time.

“I remember how uneasy he first felt with the situation, so I sat with him whilst his wife went into a session. We spoke a lot about the illness and how St Barnabas could help him, and also made small talk about life in general. I really felt that I could relate to how he was feeling because of my great aunt’s death, and I know he left the building that day feeling much calmer.”

“I think that volunteering often has a stigma attached to it that it is just for older people, but I want more people to realise that all ages can have fun and make a real difference by giving some of their time.”

“One thing I will say to younger people is that volunteering is the perfect way to add skills to your CV, and if you volunteer in a hospice like St Barnabas, there are so many different areas you could go into. Some people might want patient-facing experience, whereas others might want to help at events or work in one of the shops.”

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