A doctor’s reflection on mortality

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In the article, “We doctors see death all around us, but we don’t like to think about our own” (08/15/16), Marchalik writes:

I had never really thought about the way physicians die, even though I was seeing so much death around me. But in hospitals, death can feel routine. We encounter it in intensive care units, on the floors and in the trauma bays; we see it happen to elderly patients with dementia, to newborns and to healthy teenagers. And yet I cannot think of any colleague who does not consistently draw a hard line of separation between what happens to “them” — the patients — and what can happen to “us.”

The challenges of advance care planning and discussions about one’s wishes are just as complex for physicians as they are for others.

It’s helpful to have a physician’s perspective as a reminder that end of life questions are never easy.

Read the article on The Washington Post website.

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