CareNotes’ new title offers support for helping professions

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In response to a challenging year, CareNotes has developed a new title to add to their line of eight-page booklets. CareNotes is a ministry of Saint Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana that offers inspirational booklets on a variety of topics to help individuals heal mind, body and spirit.

“Being Alert to the Signs of Compassion Fatigue” is written for those in the helping professions (medical, mental health, teaching, spiritual guidance, funeral services and many others). This past year, these professionals have worked endlessly helping others – caring for patients, supporting families through loss, counseling others as they maneuver through life and teaching students in the midst of unprecedented challenges.

“It is our hope that, with this new title, we can provide a bit of support to those who have spent seemingly unending hours over the past year continually giving of themselves without asking for anything in return,” says CareNotes Director Jennifer Keller.

The new booklet is written by Judith E. Courtney MPS, MA, LPC, NCC, a licensed professional counselor. The author offers practical advice on how to recognize the signs of compassion fatigue and steps to take to avoid and alleviate burnout. Section titles include Working Your Way Through, Find a Balance, Recognize the Signs, Set Limits, Realize that Hospitality Comes First, Seek Support and Guidance, and Take Heart. Written with genuine words of comfort and reassurance, this CareNote is now available online at

Here’s an excerpt from “Being Alert to the Signs of Compassion Fatigue”:

Simply put, as a caring helper, you are the tool of your trade. And how you care for yourself physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually has a direct connection to the quality of the care you are able to offer. Taking care of yourself makes it possible for you to help take care of others.

If the well-being of the person you are attending is the goal, ignoring your own self-care should raise some red flags.

For a free sample of “Being Alert to the Signs of Compassion Fatigue,” call 800-325-2511 or email View other CareNotes titles at



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