CHC Veterans Memorial Rededicated as the “Captain Robert J. Hiler Jr. Veterans Memorial”

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In 2016, Center for Hospice Care (CHC) dedicated a beautiful Veterans Memorial on the grounds of its Mishawaka Campus. As a “We Honor Veterans” Level 4 Partner, CHC takes great pride in meeting the unique needs of veterans facing life-limiting illnesses. As CHC President/CEO Mark Murray notes, “Today, one out of every four Americans dying is a veteran. Our goal is to address their end-of-life needs, to serve them as they have served us.”

On October 16, 2018, CHC held its annual Veterans Tribute Ceremony during which the memorial was renamed, and other donated memorial items were dedicated. This annual event provides a wonderful opportunity for members of the community to come together to honor and remember loved ones who have served in the armed forces. More than 150 people were in attendance and were moved by the individual and collective tributes during the evening. The program began with the Posting of the Colors, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem. Mark Murray made remarks, and CHC chaplain Neil Davis led those gathered in a litany of remembrance.

Due to the incredible generosity of the Hiler family, CHC was pleased to rededicate the memorial as the “Captain Robert J. Hiler Jr. Veterans Memorial.” John P. Hiler and Catherine Hiler attended the event, and John made eloquent remarks about the service of his brother and of all the other veterans being honored. “The boundless generosity of the Hilers has made a huge difference in our community,” said Murray. “Their support of our work and of veterans specifically means that we will be able to continue our veterans programs into the future.”

“Although it is only the second year we have held the Veterans Tribute Ceremony, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite events,” said Mike Wargo, chief operating officer of the Hospice Foundation. “As a veteran, seeing so many people in our community come together to honor veterans is very meaningful. This year’s rededication and renaming of the memorial after Captain Robert J. Hiler, made this event even more special.”

The Captain Robert J. Hiler Jr. Veterans Memorial will continue to offer opportunities for people to honor and remember their loved ones, including memorial bricks and wall plaques available for placement. There are also additional opportunities available for other components of the memorial, including benches, flagpoles, trees, entry arbors and “Poppies,” the centerpiece statue.

To learn more about the CHC Veterans programs or to purchase an item for placement for next year’s event, please go to­­­

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