Disparities and Inequities in Pediatric Palliative/Hospice Care

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The 64th issue of the Pediatric E-Journal is now available online. This issue offers a collection of articles to stimulate discussion on the interdependent and yet distinct topics of disparities and inequities in pediatric palliative and hospice care. The editors hope the contents of this issue will provoke fruitful reflection about if or when disparities exist in pediatric palliative and hospice care; if or when those disparities become inequities; and what are the uncertainties in this disparity/inequity discussion.

Also, be sure to catch the Items of Interest section at the end of the E-Journal for news and resources related to pediatric hospice and palliative care.

A few highlights from this issue:

  • Advance Care Planning for Transgender and Non-Binary Youth
  • It’s Different with Kids: A Conversation about Emotions & Implicit Bias
  • Social Determinants of Grief and Pediatric Palliative Care
  • ZOOM – An Addition to Racial Trauma

The Pediatric E-Journal is created by the NHPCO pediatric advisory council e-journal workgroup.

Read these and other insightful articles now. Available to view online or to download in PDF.

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