Thoughts on the Tragedy in Florida

Categories: Opinion.

I wrote the following thoughts after the Las Vegas shooting, and I share them again today—

“As hospice professionals, we know that grief and loss are a part of life. But there is enough grief and loss. There is simply no place in a civilized society for the blatant disregard for human dignity that we saw in [Florida]. Let us also remember that 100 people die from gun violence every single day—in America’s cities, of suicide, and sometimes in mass shootings. This has to stop. Thoughts and prayers are not enough. America needs grief counseling, to be sure, and we’ll be called upon to provide it. But let’s recommit ourselves to making sure that we do more than that. Whatever our political leanings and religious beliefs, I think we can all agree that innocent folks should not be killed. In the coming months, I’m going to be talking more about how hospice and palliative care professionals can be leaders in helping America cope with its many challenges.”

Thank you for the work that you do every day.


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