ICPCN trains 22 to assess and control pain in children

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A three day workshop from 14 – 16 August, hosted by Mildmay Uganda and led by the International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) provided training for medical professionals on the assessment and control of pain in children.

Attended by 22 doctors, nurses, medical officers and one laboratory technician, the workshop covered the role of palliative care in the care of children with life limiting and life threatening illnesses and the importance of recognising, assessing and competently controlling children’s pain. 

The training was facilitated by Dr Jane Nakaweesi and David Kavuma of Mildmay Uganda and Prof Julia Downing and Sue Boucher from ICPCN and included sessions on:

  • The work of the ICPCN
  • The work of Mildmay, including their diploma on paediatric palliative care
  • What is palliative care for children
  • Introduction to pain control in children
  • Non pharmacological pain control in children
  • Pharmacological pain control in children
  • Tools for measuring and assessing pain in children
  • The effects of pain and illness on childhood development
  • Communication with children and families
  • Resources available  for medical professionals treating children in pain

The participants became enthusiastically involved and showed genuine interest in the topics covered. Some commented that in their professional training there was far too little attention paid to how to treat pain in children and also not enough training provided on the development of good communication skills. They rated the workshop highly and have given a commitment to remain linked to the ICPCN in order to learn more about children’s pallaitive care and keep up to date with the latest developments in the compassionate care of children needing palliative care and pain control. 

“ICPCN is committed to improving the lives of children in countries around the world through our continuing face to face and online education of those who care for them. We hope that we will be able to replicate this workshop in other parts of the world,” said ICPCN Chief Executive, Prof Julia Downing. 

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