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Effects of a Home-Based Palliative Heart Failure Program on Quality of Life, Symptom Burden, Satisfaction and Caregiver Burden: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Alina Yee Man Ng, Frances Kam Yuet Wong, p1–11

Development and Psychometric Properties of a Survey to Assess Barriers to Implementing Advance Care Planning in Primary Care
Michelle Howard, Andrew G. Day, Carrie Bernard, Amy Tan, John You, Doug Klein, Daren K. Heyland, p12–21

The Impact of Combined Use of Opioids, Antipsychotics, and Anxiolytics on Survival in the Hospice Setting
Marin Golčić, Renata Dobrila-Dintinjana, Goran Golčić, Aleksandar Čubranić, p22–30

Acculturation and Perceptions of a Good Death Among Japanese Americans and Japanese Living in the U.S.
Masanori Mori, Yuichiro Kuwama, Takamaru Ashikaga, Henrique A. Parsons, Mitsunori Miyashita, p31–38

Stability of Symptom Clusters in Patients With Breast Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy
Carmen W. Sullivan, Heather Leutwyler, Laura B. Dunn, Bruce A. Cooper, Steven M. Paul, Jon D. Levine, Marilyn Hammer, Yvette P. Conley, Christine A. Miaskowski, p39–55

Spiritual Needs and Perception of Quality of Care and Satisfaction With Care in Hematology/Medical Oncology Patients: A Multicultural Assessment
Alan B. Astrow, Gary Kwok, Rashmi K. Sharma, Nelli Fromer, Daniel P. Sulmasy, p56–64.e1

The Views of Clergy Regarding Ethical Controversies in Care at the End of Life
Michael J. Balboni, Adam Sullivan, Patrick T. Smith, Danish Zaidi, Christine Mitchell, James A. Tulsky, Daniel P. Sulmasy, Tyler J. VanderWeele, Tracy A. Balboni, p65–74.e9

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