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The Journal of Pain and Symptom Management is the official professional journal of NHPCO. JPSM, published by Elsevier, is a highly respected journal in the field of hospice and palliative care with a readership that increasingly extends to the broader medical community.

List of original articles in the June 2017 issue (view the complete table of contents on the JPSM website):

Original Articles

Barriers to Medical Compassion as a Function of Experience and Specialization: Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Surgery, and General Practice
Antonio T. Fernando III, Nathan S. Consedine, p979–987

Lack of Patient-Clinician Concordance in Cancer Patients: Its Relation With Patient Variables
Kavita D. Chandwani, Fengmin Zhao, Gary R. Morrow, Teresa L. Deshields, Lori M. Minasian, Judith Manola, Michael J. Fisc, p988–998

U.S. Clergy Religious Values and Relationships to End-of-Life Discussions and Care
Michael J. Balboni, Adam Sullivan, Andrea C. Enzinger, Patrick T. Smith, Christine Mitchell, John R. Peteet, James A. Tulsky, Tyler VanderWeele, Tracy A. Balbon, p999–1009

Qualitative Study on the Perceptions of Terminally Ill Cancer Patients and Their Family Members Regarding End-of-Life Experiences Focusing on Palliative Sedation
Young Eun, In-Wha Hong, Eduardo Bruera, Jung Hun Kang, p1010–1016

Symptom Cluster Trajectories During Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer Outpatients
Hsin-Tien Hsu, Kuan-Chia Lin, Li-Min Wu, Chiung-Hui Juan, Ming-Feng Hou, Shiow-Li Hwang, Yi Liu, Marylin J. Dodd, p1017–1025

A Randomized Trial of Yoga for Children Hospitalized With Sickle Cell Vaso-Occlusive Crisis
Karen Moody, Bess Abrahams, Rebecca Baker, Ruth Santizo, Deepa Manwani, Veronica Carullo, Doris Eugenio, Aaron Carroll, p1026–1034

Clinical and Socio-Demographic Predictors of Home Hospice Patients Dying at Home: A Retrospective Analysis of Hospice Care Association’s Database in Singapore
Yee Song Lee, Ramaswamy Akhileswaran, Eng Hock Marcus Ong, Win Wah, David Hui, Sheryl Hui-Xian Ng, Gerald Koh, p1035–1041

Validation of the Spanish Version of the Quality of Dying and Death Questionnaire (QODD-ESP) in a Home-Based Cancer Palliative Care Program and Development of the QODD-ESP-12
Pedro E. Pérez-Cruz, Oslando Padilla Pérez, Pilar Bonati, Oliva Thomsen Parisi, Laura Tupper Satt, Marcela Gonzalez Otaiza, Diego Ceballos Yáñez, Armando Maldonado Morgado, p1042–1049.e3

Factors Driving Live Discharge From Hospice: Provider Perspectives
Rachel Dolin, Laura C. Hanson, Sarah F. Rosenblum, Sally C. Stearns, George M. Holmes, Pam Silberman, p1050–1056

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