NHPCO invites you to read Summer NewsLine

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NewsLine is the quarterly publication designed expressly for NHPCO members. The 2020 Fall NewsLine is scheduled to come out this week, with that in mind, NHPCO invites those in the field to read the 2020 Summer NewsLine.

  • COVID-19 outcomes and resources
  • Effective virtual visits
  • A quick guide to virtual care
  • Bereavement considerations in the time of COVID-19
  • Excerpt from the book, “Death is but a Dream.”
  • CD recording from the Hospice Music Project
  • and much more!

The issues begins with a message from President and CEO Edo Banach that begins:

We stand on the side of humanity.  Always.  2020 has been a doozy so far.  COVID-19 exposed not only gaps, but also inequities in our health care system.  We must recommit ourselves to creating a fairer and more inclusive health care system.  And now, as our new reality sets in, we are forced to face another uncomfortable reality:  for many people, health care is just more of the same.  The same systemic problems that cause some to get more care and others to need more care have led some—poorer, darker—to be harmed by the very people they pay to protect them. 

Read the digital edition of 2020 Summer NewsLine.

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