Pain management and children

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“Pain Management with Children” is the topic for the new edition of the ChiPPS E-journal, available free of charge.

The collection of articles explore selected issues in managing pain with children. These articles offer suggestions for and examples of engaging in this important aspect of providing pediatric palliative/hospice care.

In the introduction to the new edition, Issue #40, the ChiPPS editors wrote, “We appreciate that a single issue on this subject will not do complete justice to this very broad subject area, but we hope that the articles in this issue will spur increased awareness and discussion of this subject.”

Articles featured in this issue are: 

  • I Often Wonder by Scott Newport
  • Pediatric Pain Assessment by Sheri G. Stewart, MSN, RN-BC, CHPPN
  • Pediatric Pain Management Strategies by Melissa Hunt, PharmD
  • Patient-Specific Opioid Selection Considerations in Children by Melissa Hunt, PharmD
  • Virtual Reality as a Complementary Therapy to Ease Pain and Anxiety in Children by Simon Robertson, Anurag K. Agrawal, MD, Marsha Treadwell, PhD, Carolyn Hoppe, MD, & Anne Marsh. MD
  • A Role for Palliative Care in the Pain of Childhood Sickle Cell Disease by Toluwalase (Lase) A. Ajayi, MD, & Kyle P. Edmonds, MD  
  • Assessment and Management of Pain and Irritability in Children with Severe Neurologic Impairment (SNI): An Overview in in Children with Severe Neurologic Impairment by Lanna Olson, MD FRCPC
  • Nonpharmacological Pain Management for Children by Kathy Davis, PhD, MSEd
  • Being With: Recognizing the Experience of Parents in the Face of Their Child’s Pain by Rachel B. Levi, PhD
  • Reciprocal Relationships: Giving and Receiving Care with Children in Spiritual Pain by L. Dean Allen MDiv, PhD
  • Items of Interest

This E-Journal is produced by ChiPPS (the Children’s Project on Palliative/Hospice Services), a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and, in particular, by NHPCO’s E-Journal Workgroup. Archived issues of this publication along with other pediatric care resources are available at

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