Summer NewsLine features messages from Edo Banach and more

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NHPCO invites ehospiceUSA visitors to read the Summer 2017 edition of the organization’s digital quarterly, NewsLine

Taken in part from his keynote address at the Management and Leadership Conference, the cover article features President and CEO Edo Banach sharing thoughts about our community’s past, how it should inform our future, and unexpected sources of inspiration..

Additional articles of interest include:

  • Recap of Events from the Management and Leadership Conference as well as a snapshot of May advocacy activity.
  • Put “Passed Away” to Rest – Judy K. Porter, LISW, ACHP-SW, writes about the use of the term “passed away” and encourages providers to avoid using euphemisms when talking about death.
  • Connecting the Psychosocial and Spiritual – Wes Sturgis, MSW, LCSW, shares some of the things he learned from attending last November’s “The Intensives” and stresses the value of interdisciplinary, collaborative learning.
  • Music & Memory – This innovative program increases quality of life for many individuals in a way that is effective, non-medicalized, and low-cost.
  • Pioneers of Hospice – Celebrating the 50th anniversary of St. Christopher’s in London, NewsLine shares a clip and information from a newly re-envisioned documentary film.

NewsLine is available on the NHPCO website in digital format and in downloadable PDF.

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