Take the Voice of Hospice to Capitol Hill

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Congress doesn’t know what you do!

It may make you bristle to hear it, but many Members of Congress still think of hospice as ‘that place you go to die.’ They and their staff don’t know the critical role the interdisciplinary team plays for patients and their families at the end of life.

This isn’t willful ignorance on Congress’ part – they have a lot on their plates. We in the hospice community have a duty to inform our elected officials about what we do, and how vital it is that we keep being allowed to do it. Those who work in hospice have stories about how hospice has provided better care at the end of life (at lower costs) to the people you serve. Congress needs to hear those stories!

NHPCO and the Hospice Action Network are providing an opportunity for you to make your voice heard. Our Advocacy Intensive is your chance to come to D.C. and tell your story. We take care of the details and give you the education you need to speak with your Members of Congress. We’ll even schedule time for you to meet with them. All you have to do is show up.

All members of the hospice interdisciplinary team are encouraged to attend – everyone who serves at the bedside has an important story to share. The event is free, and most meals are provided.

Registration closes July 8, and space is limited! Learn more and register online at the Hospice Action Network website.

The Advocacy Intensive is proudly sponsored by Outcome Resources.

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