The need for perinatal hospice care

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Learning that an unborn child may be suffering from a life-limiting illness is a situation parents are rarely prepared for. In an article appearing in the Washington Times (03/07/14), writer Mailee Smith shares the story of the Cobb family which highlights some of the overwhelming challenges families in this situation must face..

NHPCO’s Children’s Project on Palliative/Hospice Services (ChiPPS) published a collection of articles in 2013 that explore some issues related to the provision of perinatal palliative and hospice care for newborns and their families. The collection of articles include reflections from parents and insight from experts.

In writing about the topic, NHPCO’s pediatric work group editors noted that “This is a developing area in pediatric palliative and hospice care, but it is one that deserves attention.”

The ChiPPS collection of articles (PDF) on perinatal palliative and hospice care is available free of charge.

For other information on pediatric hospice and palliative care resources, please visit

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