Upgrade to Staff Satisfaction Tool Created for Hospice and Palliative Care Organizations is Complete

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STAR is a Powerful Tool Available to NHPCO Members at No Additional Cost

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization is proud to announce the completion of the first major upgrade to the Survey of Team Attitudes and Relationships (STAR) performance measurement tool. Included as a benefit of membership, STAR is used by hospice and palliative care leaders to “take the temperature” of their workforce in order create the best possible work environment.

Job satisfaction is linked to staff morale, productivity, and turnover, as well as quality of patient care. Assessment of staff job satisfaction provides important feedback that leaders can use to make needed changes in organizational culture, processes, and improvement to the work environment.

By utilizing the online STAR tool, program leaders will gather valuable data from staff to gain insight into staff satisfaction. Additionally, programs participating in STAR have access to the national-level STAR report that can be used to determine workforce trends. Recent upgrades to STAR include:

  • Survey questions are updated to reflect a broader approach beyond just clinical staff.
  • STAR consists of 13 core categories to gain valuable insight into your workforce: Collaboration, Communication, Company Leadership, Patient and Family Focus, Employee Engagement, Growth and Development, Inclusion, Job Enablement, Performance and Accountability, Alignment, Work Process, Demographics, and Compensation.
  • Six optional categories have been added to help capture a more detailed understanding of your staff: Corporate Responsibilities and Ethics, Managing Change, Pay and Benefits, Safety, and Work-Life Balance.
  • The upgraded STAR will offer dashboards for the data through Qualtrics, with multiple ways to splice the data making it a tool to help leadership focus on staff satisfaction.

“The STAR tool is included as a benefit of membership for provider members, giving access to a powerful resource at no extra cost,” said Edo Banach, NHPCO President and CEO.

Visit the NHPCO website at nhpco.org/STAR to download the FAQs and learn more about STAR.

Information on NHPCO membership is available online.

For members of the public looking for more information on hospice, palliative care, or coping with serious illness, visit NHPCO’s CaringInfo.org.

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