What is the #MyHospice Story Bank?

Categories: Community Engagement.
One of the goals of the My Hospice Campaign is to foster a policy environment that will support patient access to high quality, comprehensive hospice and palliative care.

Whether you are a loved one of a person who received hospice care or a member of the hospice Interdisciplinary Team – and that includes dedicated volunteers – we believe that your story deserves to be shared and is essential to showcasing the purpose and value of hospice care.

Write about your hospice experience and what hospice means to you, then submit it in the My Hospice Story Bank. If selected, your story could be:

  • Shared in HAN and/or NHPCO social media messages using #MyHospice
  • Featured in HAN blog posts
  • Shared in NHPCO’s NewsLine or NewsBriefs
  • Featured in your local newspaper
  • Featured in an NHPCO video

If you’re interested in sharing your hospice story, visit the My Hospice Story Bank.

Join the My Hospice discussion on social media with hashtag #MyHospice.


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