A token of gratitude from Khartoum to Kampala

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I am flying to Kuwait today with no worry about the palliative care ward that I am leaving behind.

I have not yet met the two nurses who just completed HAU’s Palliative Care Initiator’s Course in Kampala, Uganda. They arrive tomorrow, but I know what they will have become: The spirit of ‘patients come first’, ‘you are important because you are’, ‘there is always something I can do to help’ and ‘there is always something that can be done better’.

I know that they will have become more and more dedicated to palliative care, just as did my three colleagues who previously returned from Hospice Africa Uganda to spread the light in two different hospitals in Khartoum. 

At the Radiation and Isotope Center Khartoum (RICK), the palliative care unit has become a model of care.

We have become known as kind personnel, hard working, efficient, thorough and taking care of the smallest detail, especially in communicating with patients.

This is to the degree that if anyone working in the hospital has to take some injections, or measure a patient’s blood pressure, they come to the palliative care wards for advice and assistance.

Our personnel are special. They walk with lifted heads with no time to lose on chats, each of them feeling they are important – and they are.

They are always passing quickly because at each second there is a patient whose life they have the opportunity to change for the better.

Thanks to Professor Anne Merriman at Hospice Africa Uganda and thanks to the African Palliative Care Association in helping us to train our staff and increase our qualified personnel.

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