New campaign providing pain relief in Malawi

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Tadala is two years old, and has an aggressive form of bowel cancer.

Just a few months ago, she was in agonising pain, unable to sit or lie down.  Her mother was unable to help her daughter, and this was causing her unimaginable emotional turmoil.

EMMS International’s Sunday’s Child is helping children like Tadala. The appeal will help to improve the availability and use of pain relieving drugs in Malawi. 

This means that children like Tadala, will receive the pain relief that they need, and that their parents and carers will receive support to ensure that they can provide the best possible care for their loved ones at home.

Fortunately for Tadala, she was referred to one of the partners that will benefit from the appeal.  Thanks to the care that Tadala has received she has been able to get treatment and pain relief that make her symptoms more bearable. 

In addition, her mum has received counselling and support from the team so that she can care for her daughter.

James Wells, Chief Executive of EMMS International says, “I cannot imagine the pain that Tadala must have been in before she received her essential pain relieving medications. The Sunday’s Child appeal aims to ensure that more children and adults like Tadala can get access to the drugs that they need, and that there are doctors, nurses and clinical officers with the confidence and awareness to make sure that they get it.”

Wells continued, “I remember Jim Cleary saying at the beginning of his address at the recent HPCA Conference in South Africa, that we should remember the screams of our patients in pain who are not receiving the pain relief they need right now.  Well, it’s my hope that the Sunday’s Child appeal will go some way to changing this situation forever. I am delighted that impact of this appeal will be boosted by the UK government. Every donation made before 31 January 2015 matched pound for pound by the UK government.”

You can support this appeal or find out more at

The appeal runs from1 November 2014 until 31 January 2015.  All gifts made to the appeal will be match funded and, if the appeal target is exceeded, surplus funds will used to fund palliative care work across Malawi, India and Nepal. @emmsintnl   #sundayschild

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