Restore Hope to Child-Headed Families in Uganda

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The Road to Hope program empowers 34 child-headed families with social services and resources to improve the quality of life for the family. These are families with persons living with severe health-related suffering due to life-threatening illnesses where primary caregivers are children below 18 years of age. The program offers access to palliative care for the ill, psychosocial support and basic needs for the entire family, and educational support for the children heading these impoverished families.


The 2016 National Household Survey shows 24,063 child-headed households in Uganda. In homes where parents are severely ill and need palliative care, children are often the primary caregivers. With no money, the child quits school to earn a living while caring for the dying parent. These children are vulnerable to deprivation of parental love and psychosocial support, various abuse, lack of education and healthcare, and food insecurity. The parent is distressed they cannot provide for the child.


The Road to Hope program supports child caregivers to continue education as they care for their sick parents. It also provides psychosocial support and works with extended family after the death of a parent/s. Extended family is often unable to provide the minimum food, clothing and schooling for the orphaned children. This has been worsened by the pandemic. Additional funds from this project will support families with basic needs and strengthen the network of support between the RTH families.



Long-Term Impact

This holistic approach to supporting child caregivers currently benefits 54 children and their families. PCAU works with parents/guardians, their communities and the palliative care nurses in those communities to support the children. It DOES take a village! An additional 8 children will join the program, giving them a chance at education, healthcare, psychological support, and opportunity for a dignified life as they become more resilient and self-reliant in future.

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Organization Information

Palliative Care Association of Uganda
LOCATION: Kampala, Central – Uganda
WEBSITE: https:/​/​​
FACEBOOK: Facebook Page
PROJECT LEADER: Anita Balikobaku, Kampala, Central Uganda

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