Love You Forever

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On a clear Sunday, KK and Cindy witnessed their son’s marriage registration at JCHH.

KK and Cindy, husband and wife of 35 years, had cause for celebration – the elder of their two sons was getting married. Given KK’s terminal condition, his son had decided to hold the marriage registration at JCHH. It was a simple ceremony but one that fulfilled their wish. “We couldn’t wait to welcome our daughter-in-law into the family,” Cindy said with a smile.

After a sudden asthma attack, 64-year-old KK was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2018. Targeted treatment proved unsuccessful and in May of last year, the cancer had spread to his brain. While the subsequent operation to remove the tumor was smooth, KK’s health continued to deteriorate due to brain damage.

Appropriate Treatment

Despite KK’s poor condition upon admission to JCHH in September, he still had not lost the ability to eat. Therefore, the resident  doctor  recommended  “comfort  feeding”  so that he could continue to enjoy the taste of food. With the proper medications and care support from his family, KK was comfortable and gradually regained some quality of life.

The phrase ‘Love you forever!’ was often heard

A joyous day for the entire family as KK and Cindy witnessed their son’s marriage registration at JCHH.

Facing the End Together

Palliative care is for the family members as much as it is for the patient. To ensure Cindy was well supported, the social work team often met with her for grief counselling. At this stage, Cindy had become inseparable from KK. The two would exchange a tender ‘Love you forever!’ and other affectionate words at every opportunity. “I only wish to let Cindy know how much I cherish her while I still can,” KK explained.

In the end, KK completed his life’s journey peacefully and surrounded by the warmth of his family. Cindy’s devotion to KK became her motivation to live the fullest life in his loving memory.

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This information was published with permission from The Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care. You can click here to read their newsletter as well as the Mandarin text for this article.

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