Governments should support caring for seniors in own homes — report

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Health and Community Services Minister Dr. John Haggie said the report (titled “Integrating Long-Term Care into a Community-Based Continuum: Shifting from Beds to Places), aligns nicely with how he would like to see this province move forward in providing care to the elderly.

The report draws on research from Ontario and abroad. The researchers feel health care systems conceived decades ago are being challenged by the health and social care needs of an aging population with long-term disabilities.

Patients’ inability to perform activities of daily living such as preparing meals or using transportation is the key reason they are being referred to residential long-term care, the report’s summary noted.

The researchers feel that if more community support were available, the “tipping point” at which patients with great care needs require residential long-term care would be higher.

To view the full article, please visit the Grand Falls Windsor Advertiser.

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