Provincial Palliative Care Centre officially opens

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“This modern facility will improve the quality of life for patients and allow them to spend their last days as comfortable as possible with every opportunity to enjoy time with their families,” said Premier MacLauchlan. “The centre will ensure patients receive a high quality of care in an environment where they feel comfortable, supported, and at ease.”

The new facility is located on Murchison Lane in Charlottetown, next to the Sherwood Home and less than a kilometer away from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). The close proximity to the QEH is ideal to capitalize on shared support services, including physician/patient consultations.

The new stand-alone Provincial Palliative Care Centre will offer flexible programs for patients depending on their health care needs and wishes.

“Investments such as this have resulted in Prince Edward Island developing one of the most comprehensive palliative care programs in Canada,” said Minister of Health and Wellness Doug Currie. “I want to acknowledge the incredible Islanders who work in palliative care across the province and who ensure all patients are treated with compassion and dignity. I’m confident this new facility will benefit patients, families, and health care workers.”

With an operating budget of $1.9 million, the Centre will offer more services, including an outpatient clinic, Hospice PEI and Provincial Integrated Palliative Care Program offices, and additional services for families and loved ones. Future work will see an expansion to include day programming.

The inpatient area has 10 beds which is two more than the capacity at the current palliative care wing at the PE Home.

The additional services for family and loved ones include a family dining room and lounge for the use of residents and their loved ones; an on-site kitchen for preparing food and serving residents; a multipurpose room for family conferences and staff education; and additional space for families and staff to stay overnight when required. A meeting space will also be available for bookings by relevant palliative care support groups.

“The programs and services provided through the new Provincial Palliative Care Centre will offer an extra layer of support that will help patients and their families find solace in the uncertainty of serious illness,” said Dr. Mireille Lecours, Provincial Palliative Care Medical Consultant.

“Hospice PEI is thrilled to be housed within this new palliative care facility. We look forward to assisting more Islanders on their end of life journey and to continue to build upon our partnership as part of the Integrated Palliative Care Team”, says Executive Director of Hospice PEI Alana Sprague.

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