Singing at the threshold

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The Threshold Singers are a calm and focused presence for many people at the end of their life journey. They offer gentle voices, simple songs, and sincere kindness to clients they meet.

Inspired through the life experiences of Kate Munger, the first Threshold Choir gathering occurred in the year 2000 in El Cerrito, CA. Currently there are approximately 100 chapters worldwide. Singing is offered as gentle blessing rather than entertainment.

The goal of the volunteer-based Threshold Singers is to bring ease and comfort to those at the threshold of living and dying. They arrive by invitation to a bedside, in groups of 2-4 singers. They choose songs to respond to the client’s musical taste, spiritual direction and current receptivity. Many of the songs are written by choir members. The group uses soft, lullaby voices and often sing in unison. Family members and caregivers are invited to sing along. A session typically lasts 20 minutes.

The Threshold Choir has locations through the USA and western Canada, and in Australia and England. To request the service of the Threshold Singers, visit their website and “request singers for someone.”

The Room 217 Foundation is pleased that Kate Munger will be one of the speakers at the 2014 Music Care Conference in Waterloo, Ontario on Saturday November 15, 2014. For more information, visit

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